New Company “All Nippon Entertainment Works” To Bring Japanese Content Overseas

Kabushikigaisha Sangyou Kakushin Kikou [J] (Industry Innovation Organization Inc.) has announced the establishment and 6 billion yen investment into the new company “All Nippon Entertainment Works Inc.”, with the intention to open sales of all domestic Japanese content overseas.
All Nippon Entertainment Works is an enterprise geared towards the overseas marketing of Japanese content with the intent to capitalize from sales promotion.  CEO Sanford R. Climan and COO Yusuke Kurokawa have been appointed by the board of directors.  Company Partners include Asmik Ace Entertainment, Ishimori Pro, Sega Toys, Takara Tomi, TV Asahi, TBS TV, Dentsu, Toho-Towa, Nikkatsu, Nihon TV Broadcasting Network, Fuji Television, Production I.G., Mitsubishi Coroporation, Yomiuri Advertising Agency, and are already in action from this month.
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