Social Game Networking Mobage Reported To Own Pro-Baseball Team In Japan

From the first time rumored, Japanese social game network giant Mobage company DeNA has been rumored to buy a Yokohama-based professional baseball team, Yokohama Bay Stars. DeNA side never commented on that. And some media reported the deal went up into air.
Today Nikkei reported [J] that TBS Holdings, a TV broadcast network currently owning the team, is almost agreeing with DeNA on the deal. Nikkei also says that even those two agrees they need to get permission of the deal by owners committee of all 12 teams.
Recently Tsuneo Watanabe, ex-Yomiuri Giants owner who still has a lot of influences on the most popular team’s management, the league and even whole Japanese sports business, expressed that he dislikes (without mentioning the name) that the Japan pro-baseball should not accept a company who is running “a dating site”, which he likely was explained by his staffs. Last month, when he was asked comment around DeNA/Mobage rumor first, he said “DeNA? I do not know at all.”. But yesterday on 18th, he said that he feels that the deal is almost done, with telling “There are no other buyers. (Only DeNA) remained from multiple candidates.”
[Update 9:50] DeNA has published a short, likely not-scheduled, release in Japanese. “Today there was a media report that we are considering to purchase a baseball team. Although it is true that we are at the negotiation, nothing has been fixed at this point.” So DeNA admits that they are at the table at least.

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