“Metabirds,” An Alter-Ego SNS Service For Internet Residents Begins

Metabirds Co. [J] has begun an alias based SNS on “metabirds,” [J] a portal for internet denizens.
“Metabirds” is a social network for using an “alter ego,” not just a real name or anonymity.  The concept is to express your alias identity “nicknames,” and “screen names,” as your own personal “sub character,” and this social network is for those who want to intermingle with “sub character” comrades.  On this service, continuing from the predecessor virtual society oriented portal “metabirds,” will be the following features:
– Blog function
– Miniblog (tweet) function
– Love (for websites and favorite digital contents, other places on top of the net, registering people, “Like,” “Check in” etc. synthesis) function
– Follow function
– Timeline indication as well as Twitter/Facebook integration function
– Level up in response to activity, badge allowance function
– Smartphone optimization function
– English user interface offered
As for the business model, in addition to establishing a developer-user paid plan and a free plan, they will strengthen notice functions, and continue to offer various revenue oriented activities.  From here on, their plan is to open up badge functions for developers and offer application programming interfaces.
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