Tonchidot’s Face Recognition App “Smile Fever” Supported In English And Korean

Tonchidot has released the iPhone application “Smile Fever” v1.0.2 which now supports the English and Korean languages.
“Smile Fever” is their first free iPhone application.  Thanks to facial recognition technology, it judges and ranks everyone’s charming “Smile Face” and gets the party going.
By using iPhone4’s front camera function it judges your smile and converts your “Smile Face Power” into points.  With such functions as a ranking which decides whose smile is the most fantastic among the players, an effect which allows users to automatically transform pictures they took into a group photo, making you enraptured by the smiling face of one of 18 beautiful girls who appear randomly, or ruining the mood, it brings abundant facial reactions.  Download is 170 yen.
Until now, this app has only had Japanese support, but new English and Korean support will be in place.  Expanding its public area into the world, the App Store will be enabling Smile Fever to be used in all supported countries.  In addition, minor bugs will be fixed.
Download Smile Fever here:

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