Ameba Pigg In Collaboration With GUCCI! Official Goods Sold

Cyber Agent’s [J] 2D virtual space “Ameba Pigg” has begun a collaboration with fashion brand GUCCI.  Presently within Ameba Pigg’s “Ginza Main Street Area,” GUCCI has opened a virtual shop.
This collaboration’s planned period is limited until GUCCI’s 90th anniversary commemoration on October 17th.  During this period, actual GUCCI items that have been sold until now are sold in the virtual currency “AmeGold”as a motif for virtual items used for avatars.  Presently the items being sold are as follow:
GUCCI hat / 2 colors 1,000 AmeG each
GUCCI T-shirt / wh  250 AmeG
GUCCI craft bag  1,800 AmeG
GUCCI sneakers  700 AmeG
GUCCI shoes  500 AmeG  *Ladies only
In addition, more item types are planned to be added.
GUCCI 90thAnniversary Special Relay Blog!

Ameba Pigg official guide book [J]

The Apple of Happiness – The True Story of Ameba Pigg [J]

Translation licensed by VSMedia [J]

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