Big Trouble: Mobage Services Down For Over 9 Hours

Japan’s social gaming network giant Mobage became inaccessible around 9:20 a.m. Friday Aug 25, both on its own mobile version, iPhone version and PC version jointly run with Yahoo! Japan. In morning, DeNA’s company site was reportedly down as well. Other services by DeNA, who runs Mobage, such like mobile auction site Mobaoku were also affected.
On the evening, DeNA announced [J] that the Mobage service had been almost resumed, other services would be recovered by the end of 25th. Yahoo! Japan’s notice said that Yahoo! Mobage’s games like Mahjohng, Japanese Chess, Go, etc. had turned on before 22:00, but there are still some issues on image posting on diary and circle(communities).
Sub 30 million Mobage users were affected, which led “Mobage” buzz on, for example, Twitter. On Google Trends, most of hot keywords were occupied by Mobage and its game brands, which shows how many people wondered why they could not access it. On the whole day trends, the word “Mobage” is ranked at 3rd, “Mobaoku” at 10th.
NS Solutions Corporation posted a release [J] late at the night that the Mobage and DeNA’s server troubles was caused by their another tenant, who had mistakenly shut off the line.

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