Ameba Pigg Localizes “Kids Country” To China On Kaixin001


Cyber Agent [J] has announced that they will offer “Kids Country” (Shaorengo)” [C] a localized Chinese version of their 2D virtual space “Ameba Pigg” for China’s biggest social networking service, “Kaixin001”. [C]

“Kaixin001” is a popular local Chinese social networks which boasts over 100 million users.  “Kids Country,” based on Ameba Pigg, will be developed and managed by Cyber Agent’s investment partner and major Chinese social game developer FiveMinutes. [C]  From now on, FiveMinutes, as they continue to develop their service which utilizes the knowhow of social game management in Chinese social networking service,  aims to reach 2 million users in the “Kids Country” service within China by December of 2012, even as Chinese social networking platforms other than Kaixin001 continue to be developed.

In addition, this is the second case of Ameba Pigg’s overseas development following the Facebook application AmebaPico.  Presently in August of 2011, the number of AmebaPico users has topped 4 million.



Ameba Pigg Official Guide Book [J]


The Apple of Happiness – The True Story of Ameba Pigg [J]

Translation licensed by VSMedia [J]

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