Facebook Featured By Media Like Last Year’s Twitter In Japan

Weekly Diamond, Japanese business magazine featured Facebook for over 30 pages.

As you see, the magazine cover has a lot of Facebook icons which were asked on Facebook by the editors. The first page shows applied readers’ Facebook icons, too.

The sections are “What is Facebook?”, “Facebook Guide to start today” and “How you individual/company should use Facebook”.

How they feature the service, and make icon covers, are exact replay of what they did for Twitter one year ago.

The rival magazine Weekly Economist took up Facebook as main, similar articles structure with little less pages.

Both magazine have comments from Taro Kodama, Facebook Japan country manager and Kenji Kasahara, Mixi CEO.
According to Socialbakers, the number of Japanese active users on Facebook showed better increase rate this year than before.

“The Social Network”, the Facebook movie released in Japan in January, took a bitter start, but topped at the second week (then 3rd ranked last week), so the movie and these media coverage may affect well.

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