Japan’s Kickstarter-like Online Patronage Platform Campfire To Be Launched

Japanese famous two serial entrepreneurs/web service developer unveiled they would jointly launch a U.S. Kickstarter-like online patronage platform for creators, called Campfire[J] very shortly.
Unlike a social lending service nor an online donation platform, the service gives creators and artists money raising opportunities for their new projects by collecting a small sum of money online from those who are interested in the projects.
If you raise money for a project, in return, you’ll be able to obtain a complimentary from creators/artists of the project you support, otherwise you will be kept updated with what’s happening on it.
Campfire is expected to be founded by Mr. Kazuma I-e-iri[J] (@hbkr[J]), a Fukuoka native and serial entrepreneur who’s known for having founded Tokyo-based leading blog platform operator Paperboy & Co.[J], and Mr. Kohei Ishida[J] (@kohex[J]), a web service developer of  Noryokumura[J] or a harvest home delivery service from your favorite rice farmer based on an annual contract of cultivating rice fields on behalf of you.
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