Taglet – Contactless Information Sharing App On Android2.3 NFC

Taglet [J] is a new Android app/service utilizing the latest Android 2.3(Gingerbread)’s new feature – NFC.
With the app, you may register any other NFC devices with the service. You may add information like URL, short message, phone number, e-mail address, etc. on each NFC.
Then, when you hold your Android over the device, Taglet will automatically start and show you the registered information. Then you can invoke other apps to use the information.
A demo movie is here, English subtexts are there,

The app is by a Japanese developer Kyosuke Inoue(@kyoro353), who works for Mixi (but developed this as an individual), and a designer Ikumi Katayama(@monja45). Inoue told that they developed this app in three days after he received an imported Nexus S.
They suggest some use cases. Binding NFC train card with your Twitter ID will let you exchange Twitter name by Android touch. As most cellphone and many cards in wallet (train cards, e-wallet cards, tobacco card) have NFC chip in Japan, you can assign several different texts on each NFC and choose which one to hand over your friends Android 2.3.
The site says that the app will be free for good. If you have Android 2.3 – NFC compatible device such like Nexus S, you may install and try now,

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