Chinamode 2010: 45 Finalists Nominated For China’s Best Web Service Awards (3/3)

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Category 7: The Most Remarkable Apps From Outside China

Twitter (In Chinese, “推特” Tui-te) is a social micro-blog service.  Its unique and simple architecture have highly contributed to the development of social network services.

Kik Messenger is an app of social messaging services for multiple smartphone platforms.  The app cannot handle pictures nor attachment files, but is highly evaluated with its simplicity and easy-to-use interface.

Foursquare is a location-based mobile service and keep your friends update with your realtime location. Using the service, you may “check in” at locations such as hotels, shops and homes of your frinds.  You are allowed to announce your location on popular social network platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

PopCap Games is a series of tower defence games of Windows, Mac OS X and iPhone OS.

Groupon is an origin of “deals of the day” site.

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Category 8: The Most Remarkable Start-ups[C] (小米科技) was founded by talented people previously working with Google, Microsoft and Kingsoft, and has been developing smartphone apps and hot mobile services since last April.  The company fundraised from well-known angel investors, Venus Software (启明), Hong Kong-based VC firm Morningside Group.[C] (安管佳) is a set of smartphone security management software having features like virus protection, cloud protection, system optimization, traffic monitoring, system management, privacy protection, phone and information filtering and thief protection.[C] (书仓) gives you a great user experience of arranging your text, making it a story and publishing it as an e-book. is a virtual private study designed for every user, and allows him/her to create e-books/e-newspapers online and share them with the other users.   You can get them export in epub, mobi, chm, pdf and doc formats, and upload in txt, umd and epub formats.   The user can read content online from his/her virtual library with PC or mobile.   The iPhone users are required to install Stanza for browsing the content, and the PC users have to install FBreader.  Those using other platform smartphones have to install Mobipocket. is developed and operated by Epubsys Inc.[C][C] (42 区) is a C2C dealing platform for professionals where users can offer pay-per-hour consultation on various topics according to their expertise.   The website currently focuses on IT areas, as of September 2010, more than 70 specialists offer the services in programming, website design and product operation.   Each member of the “think tank” team of is introduced with portraits, profiles, contact information (such as (豆瓣), Twitter and Google Buzz), areas of expertise, rates of on-line consultation and information for appointing off-line consultation.    The specialists currently bill their customers USD 7.60-760 (CNY50-5,000) for a case according to their tariffs.   Their clients can pay it online by Alipay.

Wiyun[C] (微云) is a China-orginated globally leading platform serving Chinese-speaking mobile app and game developers.   The platform includes WiAd (ad services), WiGame (game services) and upcoming cloud services.  Wiyun is well-experienced in operating mobile resource platforms.

Dianxin[C] (点心) is a China’s smartphone OS designed for the Chinese and has an independent intellectual property from those of other smartphone platforms.

Quick-pai[C] (Quick拍) is a smartphone app for generating and scanning QR codes.[C] (球迷网) is China’s largest innovative community for authentic soccer fans.   It provides discussion forums, info about soccer events, virtual reality services for PC and many smartphone platforms.[C] (切客网) is a location-based service by Shanghai-headquartered and NASDAQ-listed Shanda Interactive Entertainment (盛大互动娱乐).  It allows you to tell your friends where you are and to share experiences happening in your entire life.   With the app, you can check in at every location, record it, become a virtual landlord of it and earn travel miles.

Jiankongbao[C] (监控宝) is a free service by Beijing-based Yunzhihui (云智慧科技, meaning “cloud knowledge tech”), and allows you to monitor the uptime of your servers and websites.  When it fails to connect to your servers or websites, those administrating them will be warned by e-mail or SMS for decreasing the downtime as short as possible.   Furthermore, you can track speeds of accesses that have visited your website from every corner of the country.

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Let me say again, Chinamode 2010[C]‘s award-presenting ceremony will be held in Beijing on the 24th of this month.  I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll try to make a write-up covering the event.

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