Tweeted Wishes Are Projected On Public Bath Chimney And Deliver Hopes

Sony has been running an ad campaign to promote their computer product brand Vaio since the beginning of this month, which is titled Vaio Assist Torch Project[J].   In the campaign, the company started to project words of people’s thankfulness and encouragement to a chimney of a public bath in Tokyo.   After the sun sets, the projection starts at 5pm every day and shows bath guests and neighbors the wishes tweeted through the campaign site (integrated with Twitter).

Naminoyu[J], the publish bath, is located 20-minute away by train and foot from Shinjuku.   The chimney is likened to a torch illuminating the town.  The neighborhood children cheer of joy and frisk every evening.  The chimney’s illumination was designed and developed by Rhizomatiks, a digital designer unit who has introduced a series of new marketing experiences.

Note: The campaign site mentioned above contains a page showing you live picture of the illumination.
Via: Rocket News 24[J]


  1. This is very nice in the season heading into the Christmas holidays.
    Not only the neighbors but also a number of train commuters coming back home can see it because there is an elevated railroad connecting the city center and suburban areas.

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