Cerevo’s New Encoder Box No Longer Requires PC For Ustream Livecasting

Tokyo-based Internet-enabled consumer electronics developer Cerevo[J] introduced an encoder box for livecasting on Ustream, and it was started on sale last weekend.   The first lot will be shipped in early November.

The new encoder box is named Cerevo Livebox and can be purchased on their website[J] for 50,000 yen each. (It equals to approx. USD610 and includes consumption tax.  S&H charges may apply.)   Cerevo Livebox weighs 117 grams (4.1 oz), gains Internet access via Ethernet connection or WiFi, and has a rechargeable battery with its lifetime of two hours and two pin jacks for s-video & composite video inputs.   You’re required to set up a profile for your programming on Cerevo’s web-based service control panel called Cerevo Life[J] before you start livecasting.
As for Cerevo’s this new product, Ustream Asia CEO Mr. Tomotaka Nakagawa gave them a favorable comment that it was expected to be used in many scenes of daily life, such as broadcasting from live music clubs.
In order to give you an opportunity to find out how the quality is, the company has a Ustream channel bringing you live pictures from Akihabara.  (This channel seems to be in service 24/7, but it’s temporarily unavailable as of this writing.)

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