Is Steve Stopped At Airport? May Be Fiction But Now Animated

Japan’s tabloid magazine SPA![J] reported that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs had been barred from taking Ninja throwing stars aboard his private jet plane at an airport in Osaka, and Apple’s spokesman denied it and told Bloomberg News that Steve had visited in Kyoto but the incidents described were a pure fiction.
Taiwan’s NMA (Next Media Animation) News, however, created an animation film describing the incident, regardless of its authenticity, and posted it on YouTube.

The film started with the scene that Steve bought the throwing stars at a souvenir shop.   Then he was accused by an airport official of taking them as his carry-on baggage.   Finally he angered and turned himself to a ninja.
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Apple Says The Steve Jobs Ninja Stars Story Is “Pure Fiction”

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  1. The Weelky SPA!’s contents on the same week issue are:
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    – Technique for male over 35-year-old to make female friends
    – Steve’s syuriken story
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    – Amazing over 100 people who are still working
    – Internet videocast guide with internet stars list
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