Pankaku Welcomes i-mode’s Father As New Adviser

Tokyo-based smartphone app developer Pankaku[J] announced Mr. Takeshi Natsuno became the company’s adviser today. He started his career in this industry as the vice president for Japan’s first ad-based free ISP HyperNet, then joined NTT DoCoMo and invented the country’s first cellphone web-browsing platform i-mode. He is currently serving managing director for cellphone ringtone distributor Dwango[J] and the professor of Keio University.
Pankaku allocated new shares to their employees, Mr. Natsuno, Japan’s largest telco’s financial arm NTT Finance and system integrator Image Information Inc.[J] Pankaku has not disclosed how much shares have been newly issued. They are devoting themselves to launching a social app platform for smartphones called Pankia[J] and working on establishing more business partnerships with mobile app developers and game developers in Asian countries.
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