Tweegle – You Look Googling From Your Boss, But Using Twitter Actually

A new web service Tweegle [J] by Usagifrask Co., Ltd. [J] looks very similar with Google Search, but it is a web-based Twitter client.
When first searching tweeting, you are asked to give permission by Twitter OAuth. Then, your timeline is shown in Google’s search results page format.

Your followings/followers pages are like Google Image Search.

In many Japanese offices, using Google should not be thought as goofing off now, it’s part of work. However, Twitter is not. Managers would think Tweeting at work is time-killing recreation.
In many Japanese traditional companies, employees’ performances are measured not by output but by how late they stay at office, and that encourages usage of this kind of tools.
Usagifrask also provides an Excel look-alike 2-channel viewer [J] so that you can also enjoy lurking around 2-channel forums at office.

If you are a geek, there is also a Greasemonkey user script CustomeTwitter, which makes’s look-and-feel on your browser into Google-like. With this one, you can customize your page design.

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