Cybridge Launches Deal-Of-The-Day ASP Platform For Potential Service Providers

Cybridge[J], a Tokyo-based web service company supporting real shop and consumer businesses, launched an ASP-based deal-of-the-day outsourcing platform called Dadat[J] last Friday. The new service’s name may come from a Japanese imitative word meaning pound-pound reminding you of the scene that many customers are rushing into your store. The service allows potential deal-of-the-day service providers to instantly launch their own flash marketing tools which are limited-offer programs provided by Groupon, Piku[J] (refer to this Asiajin story for more details about Piku), Kaupon[J] and the like.

For using the service, the service provider needs to pay 1.2 million yen initial installation fee and 5% brokerage of all purchases using issued coupons. The company also provides an option for shop owners as well as other deal-of-the-day services, its pricing is no installation fee with 10% brokerage of all purchases using the coupons (100% performance-based billing).
Cybridge says, major daily deal sites take 20% to 50% brokerage of transactions made, and can encourage shop owners to use Dadat because of its lower pricing.

The company also has a portal aggregating deal-of-the-day updates from a big variety of Japanese major service providers, which is called All Coupon Japan[J], and expects to navigate potential customers to Dadat from the portal as well.

Reference (Japan’s major deal-of-the-day sites):

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