iPhone App To Scrub Down Gal’s Make-Up “The Suppin.”

On July 3rd, CA Mobile, Cyber Agent’s mobile contents subsidiary, released an iPhone/iPod app “The Suppin.”(Face without makeup). On the app, which features either Japanese gals or kyabajo-es(cabaret-club hostess. see Neo Japonisme’s excellent article if you are interested in), you can scrub down their special makeup – “mori make” explained that high-stacked make-up on the release – by rubbing iPhone’s touch screen to see their real faces. You can also see the special shots of them.

Gals version – featuring apparel shop-clerk gals and reader models of fashion magazine on Cute! Girls of town [J].

Cabaret hostess version title.
The price of the application is 230 yen($2.6) but discounted to 115 yen($1.3) by the end of July. Please do not ask me what on earth is so exciting on removing those thick mask.

Another make-up shock

At the same time on the Japanese web, one girl’s surprising make-up video from Nico Nico Namahousou(=on-air live), which is a livestream section of Nico Nico Douga, shocked 2-channel boys [J] by showing their hidden techniques.

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CA Mobile’s release [J, pdf]

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