Uniqlo Runs Powerful Web Promos In Prior To Shanghai Real Store Launch

Tokyo-based global fast-fashion retailer Uniqlo started the Internet promotion campaign using China’s Facebook-like social network Kaixin and YouTube-like video sharing platform Youku, in prior to the May 15th opening of  the company’s first flagship store in Shanghai.
On Kaixin, the company set up an exclusive account[C] for the promotion, and is announcing news updates and exchanging Q&As with possible Chinese customers.   On Youku, the company set up a promotion page[C] and shows Shanghainese TV commercial films and many pieces of clothing that will be displayed at the storefront.

Uniqlo is collecting from website visitors snapshots shooting their exercise posing (due May 1st), and selected 888 pictures will be used in the commercial films that the company is to start broadcast in May.   Now you can be a part of it, and you may leap to fame in Mainland China only by posting several pictures. Every week 88 Polo shirts will be given away to winners chosen from those who have posted their pictures.

Author’s Note: In Chinese culture, the number 8 is lucky because its pronunciation reminds all of Chinese word “発財” meaning making a good success or being wealthy.   That’s why it’s 88 colors and 888 pictures.
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