Governmental Disclosure: Japan’s Revitalization Unit To Broadcast Budget Screening Live Via Five Services

Since the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has been ruling the Japanese Administration, the styles of governmental disclosure has been changing.   Unlike U.S. having several politically-oriented TV networks such as CSPAN-1, CSPAN-2 and CSPAN-3, Japanese diet sessions and minister’s briefings used to be televised only on public broadcaster NHK.  But its limited number of TV channels are not enough to cover all sessions and political live events.   In these days, some ministers turned to allow Internet streamcasters to join their briefings and to televise it live, which could be a good excuse of the administration that encourages disclosure to the people.
Japan’s governmental revitalization unit[J] approved five services to streamcast budget screenings (“shiwake” for short in Japanese) live including Q&A sessions of lawmakers vs. bureaucrats.   The following five services plan to televise the sessions starting in the mornings on 23rd(Fri),  26th(Mon), 27th (Tue) and 28th(Wed).   (all in Japan Time)

Here are live screens which will show you the sessions (on Ustream).

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