Weekly Diamond Featured Twitter For 40 Pages, Reprinted

Weekly Diamond 2010-01-23
One of the most read Japanese business magazine (such like Forbes or Businessweek), Shuukan Daiyamondo(Weekly Diamond) January 23th 2010 issue,
featured Twitter as a special topic for 40 pages.
Both of the cover of the magazine and the first page of the featured section, thousands of Japanese Twitter user icons, which had been called for on Twitter by the magazine’s Twitter account @diamondweekly, are used.
Weekly Diamond Cover
Topic cover
The title of the special coverage is “2010 nen Twitter no Tabi”(2010 A Twitter Odyssey).
Weekly Diamond Twitter
That issue was said to be sold out on many book stores supported by hype on Japanese Twitter. Reprinted was announced [J].
As well as NHK’s big coverage in October, appearing on the magazine shows that Twitter is penetrating into elders, over 40 years old, earning 6 digits (8 digits in Japanese yen), decision makers (according to the magazine’s media sheet [J, pdf]).

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