Japanese Government Has To Learn Internet And Domain System

As we reported last month, Japanese government announced their new website to collect people’s voice. However, it turned out that they had thought that they would be able to take “.com” domain AFTER their announcement.

Of course they could not. All possible domains both in Roman alphabets and Japanese (international domain name) were quickly occupied. The one in Japanese (“ハトミミ.com”, you may see the Roman alphabet converted domain from Japanese on some browsers) now run by an anonymous person and s/he makes fun of the government by asking visitors opinions to criticize Hatoyama government’s immaturity operations on the Internet.
Now they remember (or pointed out by lots of people) that the policy they have been having that all national websites must use subdomains of “go.jp” (governmental, Japan) to prevent misleading phishing sites and future domain squatting even after the domain usage stops. They say that they will open “Hatomimi.go.jp” at the middle of this month January [J].

Prime minister’s Twitter

Another move by the government is a new twitter account by the Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. After its January 1st launch, there have been five tweets so far. All of the five tweets are announcement. No interaction with other twitter accounts.
On his second tweet, he answered to the question “is this really tweeted by you?”. He said that basically he writes messages with his staff, then e-mails them to his secretary and the secretary posts to Twitter.
Although many internet users expressed their disappointment to it, I personally don’t think that prime minister himself/herself should tweet on their mobile gears. It is reasonable as well as US president Obama never used Twitter.

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