450 Celebrities & Entertainers Have Blog Passwords Stolen From Ameba

Ameba Blog[J] a.k.a. Ameblo, which is well-known for marking the highest number of serving celebrities’ blogs among Japanese blog platforms, announced that some 450 passwords that allow participating celebrities to update their blogs have been stolen and leaked out.  No suspect has been confirmed so far.
On January 1st, an image of a Japanese-style envelope for presenting new year’s gift was appeared on some celebrities’ blogs which are being operated on the platform.   By clicking on it, anyone was allowed to obtain an excel file containing more than 450 passwords that enable role full access to the celebrities’ blogs.

Ameblo’s owner Cyber Agent made an announcement on their website as follows:

We formed the emergency task force to deal with this case and changed the passwords that have been leaked out by noon of the New Year’s Day.   We also reported the case to police and keep working on finding how it has happened.

The news has caught the attention of not only Japanese bloggers but also Korean bloggers who have seen many showbiz scandals that the blogosphere has affected.   Korean A-list blogger Lonely Han-byul(고독한별) says on his blog[K] that there’s no national border on the personal information leak issues.
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