Japanese Classics For Kindle

Amazon has recently announced their Global Wireless Kindle. However, as English only books are sold from Amazon.com, most Japanese couldn’t find the product very appealing.
Takayama Kyosuke just released a web based tool which translates books from Aozora Project (Japanese equivalent to Gutenberg Project) to Kindle supported PDF format.
To get your favorite Japanese classic on your Kindle, all you need to do is find it on Aozora and provide the Zipped file link to the form on the A2K page (Aozora to Kindle).
For example, Natsume Soseki‘s Ten nights of Dreams is available at this link. Copy the Link of the Zip file marked below.
Aozora Ten Nights of Dreams
Example above shows A2k Page with link filled, click the “PDF it” button, and there you have it, in PDF Format (including Furigana):
On Kindle it even looks better:

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  1. great info., 😀
    i am looking for a tool for teaching japanese in Bali, if you have some reference, I will be grateful to share it to japanese teacher in Bali.

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