Japanese Kaomoji Stamp

Kaoiro by Ginghami is a classic stationery stamper which does not mark year-month-date but Japanese net emoticons Kaomoji(Facial Ascii Art), matches with your “:-)”, “X-D”, “;-P”, etc.
# Kaomoji is different from Emoji, every single of which is a single letter like “A” and “1” and being suggested to be included in Unicode.
You may dial 7 belts having over 20 letter parts to generate 2,000 different facial expressions.
Only 2,700 yen (US$30) you can use your original kaomoji stamped on your paperwork in office, if your boss don’t get mad.
If you want just digital version of those Kaomoji a lot, there are some generators and I recommend Okao Maker as it is the simplest. Your browser should be able to display Unicode font as many Kaomoji contains Japanese and other non-latin characters.


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