Book Retailing Now Starts Digital Street Solicitation

Nissen Group Nippan's Logo
On Monday, Kyoto-based catalog and mail-order clothing retail giant Nissen[J] launched a new promotion business using a digital signage display in partnership with the country’s second largest wholesaler in book and magazine distribution Nippan which has a nationwide dealership of 12,000 book retailers.
Nissen will put the displays at the storefronts of 50 selected bookstores in Japan, and it shows passer-byes videos promoting new line-ups of magazines and books.   The display has a feature to transfer information to FeliCa-enabled cellphone handsets by touching a signal transmitting point, it can be used for giving away discount coupons to potential customers.   The videos displayed are carried automatically online.
Nissen has used bookstores as a channel to acquire new mail-order customers by distributing catalogs at their storefronts.
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