Idol Foreign Language Academy: Now Idols Teach Languages (In Akihabara, Of Course)

This is slightly off-topic but cool. There are hundreds of language schools in Tokyo, but the Idol Foreign Language Academy, which will open its doors very soon, is certainly unique. The concept of the school is based on having Japanese idols, young and cute girls who are famous to some extent (I am paraphrasing), teach you languages.
The academy will hold its opening party tomorrow in Otaku- and geek heaven Akihabara (where else) starting 7pm. Japanese idols Minami Yoshida [JP, pictured] and Hinata Ise [JP] will be there in the flesh.
And besides throwing parties every Monday, you can really learn English and Japanese at the academy (from idols), meaning the school is a serious brick-and-mortar institution.
No virtual lessons have been announced yet, which means bad news if you’re an Otaku not living in Tokyo.

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