IPO Consulting Firm Launches Trilingual Database Of Japanese Tech Start-ups

Logo of Project Ocean
Logo of Startups Japan
On Thursday, Tokyo-based consulting firm for tech start-up ventures, Project Ocean LLP[J] launched a trilingual database of Japanese tech start-up companies, which is called Startups Japan.
Project Ocean LLP was founded by Mr. Tomoya Hayakawa[J] in 2006, and Mr. Hayakawa previously worked with Japanese major investment bank Daiwa Securities SMBC on IPO underwriting services for tech start-up companies.
Based on exclusive interviews with tech entrepreneurs and in-depth coverage on their development efforts, the company expects to put many sets of profile and background information of Japanese tech start-ups in Japanese, English and Chinese, basically for the purpose of letting potential investors know what they’ve developed and what they’re doing.
So far only eight start-ups are listed on the website, and approximately 100 unlisted start-up companies are expected to be added on it in a year.

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