Have Sushi At Fish Market, Then Check Pins Out

In commemoration of announcing “Favorite Places[J]” as a promotion campaign of Google Map, on Monday Google Japan[J] placed “real” red pins at several locations, which imitate mark-up symbols used on Google Map, including JR Shibuya Station and a Buddhist temple next to Tokyo’s fish market that foreign visitors never forget to drop by.
Tsukiji Honganji Temple with Google Map Pins
Google Map Pins at JR Shibuya Station
The pin statue is 4 meters (=13.1 feet) high, and a specially designed pin has a hole in the heart of its body, where a small monitor shows you the video of hot spots selected by celebrities as their favorites. The pin statues are exhibited at the following locations for the dates given.

  • Honganji Temple in Tsukiji: from August 3rd to 9th
  • West Exit, JR Ebisu Station: from August 3rd to 9th
  • Center Exit, JR Shibuya Station: from August 3rd to 9th
  • New South Exit, JR Shinjuku Station: from August 4th to 5th
  • Central Exit, JR Ikebukuro Station: from August 8th to 9th
  • Exit for Showa St., Akihabara Station: from August 8th to 9th

The videos being played at the pin with a hole are available on YouTube as well. The following is prepared by Google Japan and introduces “Favorite Places” in Tokyo. (4 mins. 20 secs.)

In Kyoto, Japanese-style paper lanterns are decorated at the Favorite Places.
Paper Lantern with Google Map Icon
Via Google Japan Blog[J] and CNET Japan[J]

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