MCF Announces This Year’s Award-Winning Mobile Projects (2/2)

Continued from the previous post.


Excellent Award (Mobile Solution Category)
Logo of The JV
Won by McDonalds Japan[J] and the JV, a McDonalds’ joint venture with NTT DoCoMo, with their customer relationship marketing project by using cellphone wallet and mobile apps. Every Friday they distribute virtual discount coupons for McDonald’s meals to participating members’ handsets, which is valid only when paid by NTT DoCoMo’s cellphone wallet service.
The Partnership of McDonald's and NTT DoCoMo


Best Award (Mobile Solution Category)
Eole's Logo

Won by Eole[J], a Tokyo-based web app developing venture, with a new service allowing users to set up an e-mail tree for connecting your friends and colleagues only by posting an e-mail. It’s a more convenient way to schedule meet-ups and to manage RSVP from potential participants, and also you need not to worry about possible leak of the participant’s private information since those are kept on server-side.
The service is named Raku-Raku Renrakumo[J] or an easy-to-use e-mail tree service. By clicking a banner seen below, you’ll be able to watch a brief introduction on the service in Rakugo show style.
Brief Introduction of E-Mail Chain Service


Excellent Award (Mobile Hardware Category)

Won by Softbank Mobile with iPhone 3G.  No need to describe it. (Articles tagged with ‘iPhone’)
iPhone 3GS


Best Award (Mobile Hardware Category)

Won by Willcom for the cellphone product lineup of Honey Bee[J], a playfully designed and colorful PHS handsets series made by Kyocera.
6 Color Sets of Honey Bee


Incentive Award
Mobachoo's Logo

Won by STAND[J], an NPO encouraging the disabled to participate in sports programs which are hosted around the country, with the project of live stream programming covering sports events for the disabled, including the international wheelchair soccer tournament.


The winning ceremony for these awards will be held next Wednesday at the annual exhibition on wireless technology, Wireless Japan 2009.

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