Does Skimming At Bookstores Make You Feel Restless? Try It Near Utility Poles

Logo of Livedoor Wireless
Logo of Wayz Japan Logo of Zasshi Online
Livedoor Wireless[J], an outdoor WiFi service provided by a dot-com company which is known for its founder being accused of fraud, teamed up with the tech company Wayz Japan[J] running a website which aggregates the content of magazine back-issues, and now any passerby-es are allowed to read the back number contents near a number of utility poles in Tokyo’s central district.
Livedoor set up WiFi access points mostly on utility poles located in the area mainly surrounded by Yamanote Loopline, not only the company’s subscribed users but also FON users are able to use it for cheap cost or for free.   If you bring your WiFi-enabled device and standing at pole side, your device will be a free online magazine reader.    No worries to be disturbed by anyone.
Wayz Japan was chosen as one of the Red Herring‘s 200 finalists in 2006 for the company’s content management service designed for business.

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