Hokuriku Unconference

Hokuriku Unconference, probably the first unconference style geek event in Hokuriku area, north-central part of Japan, will be held at Ishikawa National College of Technology, Tsubata, Ishikawa prefecture near Kanazawa-city on this Sunday November 1st. I am travelling to attend it. The conference is all in Japanese. Application form [J].

Do Animated Tourist Guides Boost Local Economy?

Tokyo-based animation studio FanWorks[J], which is well known for a famous title “Yawaraka Sensha ” or “Soft Wartank”, tied up with animators and TV broadcasters in Toyama (a Honshu island’s prefecture facing the Sea of Japan), and launched a project to promote the prefecture’s sightseeing business by creating original animation titles[J/E/F/C/K] which are intended for… Continue reading Do Animated Tourist Guides Boost Local Economy?