Train Your Singing With iPhone Under Cherry Trees, And Attend MySpace Japan’s Karaoke Contest

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Japan’s third largest karaoke company Xing[J](pronounced “eksing”) started Monday the free karaoke service[J] on MySpace Japan(MSJ)[J], which enables to record your karaoke performance on video or audio.  Twenty five brand new tunes will be added to the lineups every week, the video recording your performance can be shared with your friends on the SNS.  In association with the business partners, MSJ plans to have a karaoke contest soon specifically designed for the MSJ users to mimic the artist performance.
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MySpace Karaoke[J] (
Furthermore, Xing introduced the iPhone karaoke app in early March, which allows you to enjoy singing with seeing lyrics and background picture slides on your palm.  In this season, sakura (cherry blossom) will be in full broom very shortly.  The Japanese celebrate that time of the year with hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties under the blooming trees in the parks, have alcoholic beverages and sing popular songs.  (Some parties bring a generator or battery kit for running the karaoke set.)
Karaoke iPhone App
Karaoke iPhone App:  Joysound Karaoke Organizer
(Joysound is Xing’s service brand.  The app is available at Japansese iPhone AppStore – Link)

For the first time in Japanese history, you may witness the people in many parks, who sing songs with holding the iPhone in hand as though it were a microphone.
Xing Inc. was co-founded by the Nagoya-headquartered sewing machine manufacturer Brother in 1992.
Note: Due to the music copyright conditions applied, your access from outside Japan to the software and the website shown above could be blocked.   Karaoke company Xing has nothing to do with the German-based business SNS having the same name.

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