Google Japan Removes Hot Keywords From Its Top

“Google Kyuujyoushou Waado (Hot Keywords)”, which was introduced on the Japanese top page of Google on February 5th to show users recent most searched keywords, has been removed from the top page and the former top page is back (Google Japan’s announcement [J]), except “more” localization done in March.

The page with hot keywords was used only for 7 weeks

The Japan original feature, which itself seems to have no problem when Google Japan is chasing No.1 Yahoo! by servicing rather passive (fond of links-menus) Japanese users than proactive (search-centric) western users, however was involved with unfortunate promotion mistake (2), (3). This short time recall still can be decided by that feature’s performance measurement by failing to lure new users from Yahoo! Japan, but it is possible that Google rethinks their localization strategy should not be done by letting itself resemble with their competitor Yahoo!.
So here is the current top page.
As you see, it now again has the button “I’m Feeling Lucky”, which is in ENGLISH. I really cannot understand why Google Japan has been trying to force regular (if they want to beat Yahoo! Japan) users to read and understand English phrase.

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