Comic Giant Officially Allows Bloggers To Republish One Of Its Titles

Kodansha, Japan’s leading comic and novel publisher, announced today that it is allowing bloggers to republish the comic titled “Mikako-san [J]” authored by famous cartoonist and illustrator Kyo Machiko [J].
The title appeared serially in Kodansha’s weekly comic magazine “Morning”, and the same content is also on the magazine’s official website [J].    Her fans can republish any of her works on their blogs under a Creative Commons licence.
It is quite rare for a major publisher to approve the republishing of its works. Kodansha expects a viral-marketing effect to be produced by this experimental trial.
Proofread by: Sean O’Hagan
今日マチ子 みかこさん
Copyright (c) 2009 Kodansha Ltd. & Kyo Machiko.   Some rights reserved.
The content shown above is republished under cc-license of attribution, noncommercial and no derivative works.   Clicking the content will take you to its original website.

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