$8.70: Emobile Introduces Japan’s Lowest Monthly Phone Fee

Emobile, the No. 4 major cell phone carrier in Japan, said Wednesday that it will introduce a new cell phone price plan on February 7, which is the most attractive in Japan – at least if you aim for the lowest possible prices.
For an almost unbelievable basic fee of 780 Yen ($8.70/6.80 Euros), Emobile users can talk as much as they want among themselves at any time of day. The same goes for sending SMS messages. The new monthly plan requires a two-year contract, which is standard in Japan.
By way of comparison, NTT DoCoMo, KDDI au and SoftBank Mobile (the No.1, 2 and 3 in Japan’s cell phone market) are currently offering monthly fees of around 980 Yen ($11/8.50 Euros) at the cheapest.
Emobile is mainly known in Japan as a wireless data communication provider (and not really as a company you want to go to if you want to make phone calls primarily). Emobile has 1.1 million subscribers.
The press release with all details can be found here (in English).

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