Asiajin news updates

There are some updates on the topics Asiajin reported recently. Let me write them shortly.

Cyber-Maid becomes purchasable next week

Cyber-Maid Augmented Reality was one of the most read article in July, which is about a girl on your PC display virtually tangible.

Dennoh Figure ARis“(Cyber Figure Alice) sale will start on 19th October as planned. Pre-order is already available at some stores. You may also purchase it from Amazon Japan.

iPongUEIPong on iPhone App Store, then disappeared

iPong on multiple iPod Touch in May was a huge hit article linked from Silicon Alley Insider, Gizmodo, Make:, Boing Boing and many others.
After getting popular on the web, the company UEI made a commercial version and released it just after iPhone launch in Japan [J]. With its name changed to UEIPong, by 99 cents.

However, when I tried to check iPhone App Store recently, the software seems disappeared. Disappeared from UEI company site, too. Possibly copyright issue?

Sekai Camera

Sekai Camera/Tonchidot guy talked in some conferences in Tokyo but nothing more than their same video demo has come out… yet.

Hatsugen Komachi book

Yet another behemoth Japanese bulletin board mainly for housewives, Hatsugen Komachi, got its first paper book published with 23 discussion threads selected from over 130,000 topics. 288 pages, 1200 yen, on 9th October. Release [J]

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