Open Web Asia ’08 – Video Report

Open Web Asia ’08 started.

I wrote here that WiFi connection worked well yesterday, yes exactly, the signal was strong enough, but I found I couldn’t get bandwidth enough to bring live pictures with Ustream, because a number of audiences using WiFi came together in a very tiny room of the hotel.
Andrew Shuttleworth, an author of Asiajin as well as co-organizer of tokyo2point0, ran around and negotiated with some hotel guys, and he set up his own WiFi access point in the venue and provided with better broadband connectivity, which enabled live video streaming.
The conference consisted of four sessions (refer to the conference’s program for more details), and the first session is still stored in my camera. Please forgive me a couple of days to upload that to get online. The rest of the sessions were directly recorded onto Ustream, I put those here first.
Keep your eye on Asiajin for more reports covering the event.
Session1: Insights and Best Practices (coordinated by: Bernard Moon)

Session2: Innovations in Asia (Coordinated by: Tangos Chan & Gang Lu)

Session3: Collaboration (Coordinated by: Benjamin Joffe)

Session4: East meets West (Coordinated by: George Godula)

I tried my best to get better stabled visual and audio without noise, but I apologize for any inconvenience in the video.

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