Mixi Echo Becomes Mixi Voice To Chase Twitter

Japan’s biggest social network service Mixi [J, registration required], who had started in-service microblog Mixi Echo since last summer, renamed it with Mixi Voice and made it as an “official” service. User’s top page has Voice’s messages just under profile icon. “More” link takes you to the Voice page, which looks more familiar with Twitter… Continue reading Mixi Echo Becomes Mixi Voice To Chase Twitter

Asiajin news updates

There are some updates on the topics Asiajin reported recently. Let me write them shortly. Cyber-Maid becomes purchasable next week Cyber-Maid Augmented Reality was one of the most read article in July, which is about a girl on your PC display virtually tangible. Dennoh Figure ARis“(Cyber Figure Alice) sale will start on 19th October as… Continue reading Asiajin news updates