Dentsu Releases Android Decorational Twitter Client Decotter

Dentsu, Japanese advertising colossus, released a new Android client with D2 Communications and Bijutsu Shuppan Networks Co., Ltd.

The new client Decotter lets you tweet not only 140 characters text but also Deco Sozai(=decoration materials), colourful images and character letters.

FYI, those “deco moji” are not emoji, which is now part of Unicode.

With maximum 10 decorations, you may tweet up to 100 regular letters in a single tweet.

It’s only available for Docomo and KDDI au. Not for Softbank Mobile.

Same as their successful “deco” business on their mobile web (i-mode/ezWeb), it co-works with a paid decoration selling service, Deco Market, where people can purchase more decorations to make their tweets stand out.

Dentsu’s release [J, pdf]

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Feel-on: Twitter Comicalization Client On Web/iPhone

Feel on! is a Twitter client service by a Japanese startup L is B.

This client analyze your Twitter timeline with its Social Emotion Engine(SEE), and show each tweet with emotionally matched comic character and color.

Feel on! web browser version was released on today May 13th. iPhone version (English and Japanese) was released already in April. Although it says English, it looks that it is only available on Japanese iTunes Store.

From the clients, you can also explicitly direct a comic strip from selections on your tweet.

Hello Kitty Twitter App For iOS

It’s official. Bandai Namco has just released Hello Kitty themed Twitter client under the license of Sanrio.

With basic Twitter client functionality, you may select two themes, “Kitty White” and “Kity and Love Teddy”.

The app also has puzzle game

It is available on iTunes app store with $2.99. English, French and Japanese menus are provided. You tweet on behalf of the no-mouth cat.

via Bandai Namco Games [J]

Pacman Twitter Client Pac’n Twit

Pac’n Twit for iPhone/iPad is a new free Twitter client by Bandai Namco, yes, the company made Pacman 31 years ago (Namco merged with Bandai in 2005).

Here is a screenshot of Twitter timeline,

It comes with Pac man themed design, has regular Twitter client features, tweet, reply, direct message, retweet, list, search, notification, post image.

Bandai Namco had already released i-Appli version of Pac’n Twit [J] for Docomo’s Japanese feature phone.

On settings, you can change themes from Pacman to Galaga’88, which is a special contents only for iPhone/iPad version.

Both i-Appli version and iPhone/iPad version are free. Although it says to support Japanese, English and French, it seems not available on US iTunes App Stores at now. Official Twitter account @pacntwit tweets only in Japanese, too.

Gachapin Now Has His Voice Vocaloid And iPhone Twitter Client

A Japan’s most popular Twitter user Gachapin, who took the most followed user title recently back from ex-prime minister Yukio Hatoyama who once passed him, is expanding his brand on two different geeks-loving products, Vocaloid and iPhone.

Gachapin is a 5-year-old dinosaur kid from a popular children TV program Hirake Ponkikki, who is also known as a blogger and a Twitter user(@GachapinBlog).

Gachapoid – Gachapin on Vocaloid

Last week, Osaka-based company Internet Co, Ltd. (great name!) announced that they adds a new product on their human-voice-synthesizer series based on Yamaha’s Vocaloid 2 technology with Gachapin’s voice, named Gachapoid. The package price is 15,750 yen (US$187).

# Popular virtual diva Hatsune Miku who once beat Lady Gaga in Japan by CD sales, who was emerged from Nico Nico Douga culture is another variation from another company on the same Vocaloid.

One Gachapoid’s sample song is available here for Windows Media.

GachaTwi – Gachapin on iPhone for Twitter User

GachaTwi is a iPhone/iPod Touch Twitter Client themed with Gachapin by Genesix and Fuji Television Kids Entertainment, Inc.

Besides the regular Twitter client feature, the app has a special page to see Gachapin’s Tweets only, which can be seen by one of four menu button.

GachaTwi is 350 yen but 115 yen ($1.36) until September 12th.

Gachapin himself tweeted that he can not use GachaTwi because iPhone’s touch panel does not detect his hands.

via AV Watch and MyCom Journal

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