User-made Twitter Client On Sony TV Bravia

Tvitter [J] is a Twitter client widget for Sony LCD Television Bravia.
Some of latest versions of Bravia support AppliCast platform, on which user can program their own original widgets.
Bravia user can go on her/his Bravia to this URL , install the widget, and check the latest tweets and post to twitter on your television in a living room. It seems only Japanese version is available with Japanese menu. If you want taste it, “No.0017” is the number of the application.


  1. I am inside Japan. And I tried it on a Bravia TV. That URL you put in the comment is different from the one in the original post. Will try that one.

  2. The one in my comment is the instruction page by Sony. And the URL I introduced is on the instruction.
    I don’t have Bravia TV so cannot check it.

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