Yahoo! Japan and Gree Makes Joint-Venture For Smartphone Social Game

Yahoo! Japan and Gree made comprehensive business ties last November.

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An Alternative To The Kompu Gatcha Scheme: Kombu Gatcha

Green romp, [J] who run the network diary service Arrow, [J] have released the social game application for Android Kombu Gacha (Kelp Capsule Toy Machine). [J]

“Kombu Gatcha” is a game app where you turn the kelp capsule machine and get legendary rare kelp cards (The Japanese word for kelp, kombu, is a play on words with the very popular and profitable method of virtual card collection known as kompu gatcha, which has come under legal fire recently; see this link. [E])  When you complete the set of 8 card types such as the special Hidaka Kombu and Rishiri Kombu rare cards, you can receive “Shakunetsu Taitei Kombu Hime” (Red hot great emperor kelp princess), a Super SS unknown usage rare card that can’t be used in any social game.  However, inside the caspules there are many whammies included such as “Just a tuna,” and completing the set is quite difficult.  Furthermore “secret components” are also included.

Natural Rishiri Kombu cut 700g package [J]

Hidaka Kombu 100g [J]

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18+ Social Game Platform “moeG” Opens Up

MoeGame [J] has released the platform “moeG,” specialized in social games designated for full on R-18 content.

Currently, “moeG (MoeGame)” is a next generation 18+ only portal site for enjoying R-18 social games, erotic avatars, and erotic community contents.  They now offer titles such as the PC R-18 game title “Night Shift Hospital Ward” and “Pre-Get,” which on its own has amassed 160,000 registered users, and moving forward they plan to offer copyrighted material and original social games.  Also moeG’s games adhere to computer software ethics, and as an R-18 designated service, it has become a soundly operated SNS site.  Usage is free of charge, and their social games have a basic free charge item rate structure.  Although it’s only supported by feature phones, they are currently also developing a smartphone version.

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