18+ Social Game Platform “moeG” Opens Up

MoeGame [J] has released the platform “moeG,” specialized in social games designated for full on R-18 content.
Currently, “moeG (MoeGame)” is a next generation 18+ only portal site for enjoying R-18 social games, erotic avatars, and erotic community contents.  They now offer titles such as the PC R-18 game title “Night Shift Hospital Ward” and “Pre-Get,” which on its own has amassed 160,000 registered users, and moving forward they plan to offer copyrighted material and original social games.  Also moeG’s games adhere to computer software ethics, and as an R-18 designated service, it has become a soundly operated SNS site.  Usage is free of charge, and their social games have a basic free charge item rate structure.  Although it’s only supported by feature phones, they are currently also developing a smartphone version.
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