An Alternative To The Kompu Gatcha Scheme: Kombu Gatcha

Green romp, [J] who run the network diary service Arrow, [J] have released the social game application for Android Kombu Gacha (Kelp Capsule Toy Machine). [J]
“Kombu Gatcha” is a game app where you turn the kelp capsule machine and get legendary rare kelp cards (The Japanese word for kelp, kombu, is a play on words with the very popular and profitable method of virtual card collection known as kompu gatcha, which has come under legal fire recently; see this link. [E])  When you complete the set of 8 card types such as the special Hidaka Kombu and Rishiri Kombu rare cards, you can receive “Shakunetsu Taitei Kombu Hime” (Red hot great emperor kelp princess), a Super SS unknown usage rare card that can’t be used in any social game.  However, inside the caspules there are many whammies included such as “Just a tuna,” and completing the set is quite difficult.  Furthermore “secret components” are also included.

Natural Rishiri Kombu cut 700g package [J]

Hidaka Kombu 100g [J]

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