Kayac Releases Location-based Social Fighting Game “The King of Fighters Encounter”

Kayac Inc. [J] has released “THE KING OF FIGHTERS ENCOUNTER,” an iPhone social game application working with location information, which allows you to have battles with characters of people who pass by on the street in real life.  Download is free.
“THE KING OF FIGHTERS ENCOUNTER” is a game app based on the popular title “KING OF FIGHTERS.”  The user chooses their favorite of all 21 fighters and sets their “Skill,” and can then enjoy a “Pass-by Battle” with a user passing by on an actual street.  By defeating bosses and raising levels from repeated battles and training, gradually more characters can be used, and the type of skill that can be set for each character is different.  Also you can send messages to former opponents, get an area ranking, country ranking, and world ranking, and use it in tandem with Facebook by inviting Facebook friends to battle.  At the moment 21 characters are available but this number is planned to increase from here on.

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