Social SDK “Pankia” Tops 10 Million Users

Pankaku [J], who have developed the smartphone social SDK “Pankia,” has announced that their number of users has topped 10 million.  This means that they have reached 10 million users in the 18 months since the service began.
“Pankia” is a social SDK (software development kit) developed by Pankaku.  It supports iOS and Android, and it includes functions such as item management and store, competition matching, ranking, achievement, and linking with Twitter and Facebook.  It allows application developers to add all sorts of indispensable functions into their games without incurring any costs.
Currently most Pankia users are from overseas, making it Japan’s highest level scale in terms of overseas smartphone developers.  In step with this, the company is officially opening Pankia to the general public.  Since its release in June of 2010, they added improvements and offered Pankia restricted only to designated game developers, but now just by registering on Pankia’s site, it’s possible for anyone to use it for development.
From now, they are striving to make even more improvements to the Pankia platform along with reinforcing the smartphone social game development line.  The plan is to continue to produce a large number of in house titles as well as entrusted development titles of social games ranking in the overseas market.  With a base of know-how which earned them collectively 10 million users worldwide, centered around America, they will continue to support monetization and promotion of Pankia developers’ game titles.
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  1. I changed my iphone, and all the setting I had was lost, because it’s not the same ID… 🙁

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