Yahoo! Japan To Move Its Office From Roppongi To Kioi-cho

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Yahoo! Japan, the nation’s largest web service company, announced[J] today June 19 that it will migrate its office to a new office/hotel building which has been being constructed at where Akasaka Prince Hotel was there before.

Its expanding business seems to make it require more space. The new Yahoo! Japan office starting from May 2016 will occupy 20 floors among 24 office floors in the total 38 story building.

Roppongi is one of the most favored place by Web companies and start-ups in Tokyo. And the one reason is definitely because Yahoo! Japan is in Roppongi Mid-town. Although the move is planned 2 years in future, this may affect other web companies office planning under and around the Yahoo’s eco-system.

The new location is about 2 kilometer north, between the Imperial palace and Crown Prince’s Palace. It is across the street from Hotel New Otani Tokyo.

Yahoo! Japan To Move Its Office From Roppongi To Kioi-cho

NHN Japan, Naver Japan and Livedoor To Be A Single Company, NHN Japan

NHN Japan and its subsidiaries Naver Japan and Livedoor announced [J] today that it would merge three companies into one, new NHN Japan on January 1, 2012.

According to ComScore, the whole NHN Japan group is getting 43.08 million unique users’ visit monthly. The group has been enhancing its smartphone support, and the total number of applications download reached 17 million times.

Korea-originated NHN Japan bought Livedoor by $67 million in April 2010, is expected to generate multiplier effect. As we reported last month, the three companies planned to move their office to a newly constructed office building Shibuya Hikarie in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Social game network Hangame business will be managed by Game Division, led by the CEO Akira Morikawa. The head of Web Service Division, which will handle current Naver Japan and Livedoor portals, will be Takeshi Idezawa, the current Livedoor president. Livedoor’s data center business will be remained to Livedoor, which will be renamed with “Data Hotel K.K.”

Kyoto Prefecture Office Introduces 5 Customer Dummies To Foster “A Tense Feeling”

A new lifehack appeared from Japan’s old capital city Kyoto, NHK reported


Kyoto prefecture office PR section set 5 upper-body mannequins on their desk to face to staff last month. The idea of these bodies comes from “Persona” method, by which local government workers can imagine their customers to serve.

Each dummy is named, given age, gender and occupations. For example, a dummy named Yoshiko Naniwano, 66-year old lady from Osaka to visit Kyoto for sightseeing, complains to them.

One worker answered to NHK on the video, “I feel like being watched. Tense feeling in a good sense makes me work more efficiently.”

They are planning to increase the dummies.

Tweegle – You Look Googling From Your Boss, But Using Twitter Actually

A new web service Tweegle [J] by Usagifrask Co., Ltd. [J] looks very similar with Google Search, but it is a web-based Twitter client.

When first searching tweeting, you are asked to give permission by Twitter OAuth. Then, your timeline is shown in Google’s search results page format.

Your followings/followers pages are like Google Image Search.

In many Japanese offices, using Google should not be thought as goofing off now, it’s part of work. However, Twitter is not. Managers would think Tweeting at work is time-killing recreation.

In many Japanese traditional companies, employees’ performances are measured not by output but by how late they stay at office, and that encourages usage of this kind of tools.

Usagifrask also provides an Excel look-alike 2-channel viewer [J] so that you can also enjoy lurking around 2-channel forums at office.

If you are a geek, there is also a Greasemonkey user script CustomeTwitter, which makes’s look-and-feel on your browser into Google-like. With this one, you can customize your page design.

Yahoo! Japan Testing Office Version For Enterprise Workers

The dominant portal/search Yahoo! Japan is testing a customized portal for office workers.

On Yahoo! Japan’s top page, which is the most viewed page in Japan by the way, a new button “Office Version” is showed up at the best position on the top banner menu.


Once you clicked it, your Yahoo top page is switched to the office version, which has sombre colour and simpler design.


The regular version looks like this,


Many “Not good for work” menus are removed. Removed links are Shopping, Auction, Leisure Trip, Sports and Entertainment news, TV, Movie and Gyao!(online movie), Job search 😉 , Real estate, Automotive, Forum, Blog, Apparel, Dating, Game, Fortune telling, Kids. Movie and Product search are also removed from search tabs.

So this is the portal having only things which employers want to show their employees in Japan, at least Yahoo! Japan thinks so. As both the regular and office version have the same URL, seems switched by browser cookies, and each user can easily switch between them by pressing button, companies cannot filter the regular version usage.

But in some offices your boss may peek which version of Yahoo! you are using over your shoulder in future.

About office portal, Cyber Agent and Cybozu’s joint venture [J] runs “only business” portal. Although it does not exclude contents for fun so strictly as Yahoo!’s office version, the portal seems to be acknowledged and encouraged in some companies.


This office version will be out of beta in next spring in Yahoo! Japan’s plan.

[disclosure] Akky is hired by Cybozu’s subsidiary as a tech blogger.

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