Cruise & Atlas, a very futuristic working chair with a desk

Ofcourse, you know about Aaron chair of Harman Miller. However, you probably haven’t heard about Cruise & Atlas from Okamura, a Japanese office furniture maker.
Cruise & Atlas is a set of chair and desk, which is consisting a mutually dependant pair. It has a really futuristic appearance. It looks like a chair from a Sci-fi movie.
The chair ‘Atlas’ has a very unique, low and reclined position. User sits like a Formula-car driver. The chair needs its special desk called ‘Cruise’ to fit with that special position. The desk is consisted with two boards, one is an adjustable inclined keyboard desk, and another is a desk to put displays.
Cruise & Atlas is a really expensive furniture. It costs 370,000 yen ($3,700).
Akky and I are using Cruise & Atlas, and quite satisfied with it. If you have backache or headache, consider having one?
I also recommend Contessa or Baron, great ergonomic chairs from Okamura. Those can be used with a normal desk. Probably it fits better for Asian people than Aaron chair. Also those have more reclined position than Aaron chair, so it may fit well for programming task.

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if you have had the chance to compare these okamura chairs the Herman Miller Embody ?
    I’m in the process of buying one and just notice these.

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