Ranking★TV By GREE Recommends Popular TV Shows

Gree Inc.
[J] has released Ranking★TV [J], an application for iOS which recommends popular TV programs before being broadcast, based on a ranking system.  It uses Toshiba’s REGZA cloud service “TimeOn,” and download is free.

“Ranking TV” is an app which is based on statistical data from Toshiba compatible TVs, BD and DVD recorders all over Japan.  It then distributes TV shows which viewers want to see with its ranking system using this data and user actions within the app itself.  Until now program rankings were based on viewer ratings, but this is the first time to try out offering rankings using data from video recording devices.

Users check rankings daily, and when they push the “Want to watch!” button, the scheduled time is logged into the iPhone’s calendar, sending a notice before it begins.  It’s also possible to share programs you want to watch with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or the SNS “GREE.”  Furthermore it’s possible to customize the ranking to your preference by setting an order to your preferred genres with the “picky setting.”

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Yahoo! Japan and Gree Makes Joint-Venture For Smartphone Social Game

Yahoo! Japan and Gree made comprehensive business ties last November.

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Yahoo! Japan And DeNA Strengthen Its Business Alliances “As Well”

As I wrote yesterday on Yahoo! Japan-Gree’s business tie-up announcement. The new Yahooo! Japan board seems to be really good on diplomacy, timing two social game giants Gree and (DeNA’s) Mobage.

Today, DeNA announced a business collaboration expansion with Yahoo! Japan, which is similar with the Gree’s one on November 8th.

TOKYO – November 9, 2012 – DeNA Co., Ltd. (TSE: 2432) and Yahoo Japan Corporation (Yahoo! JAPAN, TSE: 4689) today announced that they have agreed to expand their existing business alliance for PC-based social games in Japan to include offerings for smartphones and other smart devices.

Through strengthening their alliance, DeNA and Yahoo! JAPAN will expand the range of their collaboration from PCs to smartphones and tablets, thereby responding to the rapid spread of smart devices in Japan. In addition, the companies plan to interconnect user IDs and loyalty point systems of their respective services on smartphones to explore further opportunities.

Yahoo! Mobage, the PC-based social game platform jointly operated by DeNA and Yahoo! JAPAN, had its two year anniversary on October 7, 2012. Yahoo! Mobage has grown into one of Japan’s largest PC-based social game platforms with more than 9 million registered users. The Yahoo! Mobage service is directly accessible from Yahoo! JAPAN, which currently has over 26 million active user IDs. The companies are also planning to continue their collaboration for Yahoo! Mobage, including joint development of PC games.

Will the next one be the rising Line? Or struggling Mixi to try to get favor from Yahoo! Japan to survive?

Yahoo! Japan Makes Comprehensive Business Ties With Gree

Yahoo! Japan and Gree just (after the market close) announced [J] that they have made a deal of “comprehensive business ties”.

They are to discuss on co-development of social games, as well as establishment of company to promote it. They are also talking to set up an joint-investment company for digital video contents, and an entertainment joint-business, joint-CSR and engineers/creators development assistance activities.

What Gree gets

  • traffic from Yahoo! Japan’s smartphone version to its social games
  • Yahoo! Japan help Gree Platform’s developer promotions
  • use Yahoo! Japan’s entertainment contents on Gree’s social network

What Yahoo! Japan gets

  • Yahoo! Wallet is one of the payment options on Gree Platform
  • Yahoo! Points for Gree to be discussed
  • Use Gree’s entertainment contents and intellectual properties
  • to export Yahoo! Japan’s entertainment contents through Gree’s Platform

Yahoo! Japan’s sense of diplomacy

Yahoo! Japan has been running Yahoo! Mobage, PC version of social game networking Mobage, with DeNA. Now Japan’s Internet giant two-timing with Japan’s top 2 social gaming platforms.