Yahoo! Japan Makes Comprehensive Business Ties With Gree

Yahoo! Japan and Gree just (after the market close) announced [J] that they have made a deal of “comprehensive business ties”.
They are to discuss on co-development of social games, as well as establishment of company to promote it. They are also talking to set up an joint-investment company for digital video contents, and an entertainment joint-business, joint-CSR and engineers/creators development assistance activities.

What Gree gets

  • traffic from Yahoo! Japan’s smartphone version to its social games
  • Yahoo! Japan help Gree Platform’s developer promotions
  • use Yahoo! Japan’s entertainment contents on Gree’s social network

What Yahoo! Japan gets

  • Yahoo! Wallet is one of the payment options on Gree Platform
  • Yahoo! Points for Gree to be discussed
  • Use Gree’s entertainment contents and intellectual properties
  • to export Yahoo! Japan’s entertainment contents through Gree’s Platform

Yahoo! Japan’s sense of diplomacy

Yahoo! Japan has been running Yahoo! Mobage, PC version of social game networking Mobage, with DeNA. Now Japan’s Internet giant two-timing with Japan’s top 2 social gaming platforms.

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